Light, Place & Beings

by Matthew Nall

Printed on dye-infused aluminum for luminesce and longevity.

Ready-to-Hang, Starting at $111



    Above and Below, Yin and Yang, Life and Death, Masculine and Feminine, Light and Shadow - Complimentary forces who are interconnected and interdependent; Giving rise to one another and supporting the dance/song of life. BALANCE, UNITY, WHOLENESS. Photograph by Matthew Nall (c) 2016

  • Grandmother Moon, Rising in The East

    GrandMother Moon Rising over Haleakala (House of the Sun)... She represents fluidity, ever-changing yet eternal, bringing life, shining brightly yet softly, holding many mysteries among the stars. Photograph by Matthew Nall (c) 2016

  • Female Cardinal - Double Exposure

    The female cardinal at rest, and in flight.... beads of water fall and sparkle in the morning light. She represent BREATH, DEDICATION, VITALITY, ELEVATION and CLARITY. Photograph by Matthew Nall (c) 2016

  • Owl, Rest and Flight

    Her talons sharp and fierce. Her gaze steady and piercing. She symbolizes PROTECTION, STEALTH, VISION and STRENGTH.

  • Intuitive Flight

    A tribe of birds flying over the waxing Spring Equinox moon, nearly full – GROWTH, EXPANSION, INTUITION, FREEDOM OF SPIRIT, REBIRTH.

  • Loyal Companion

    The male Red Cardinal swoops down from a Datura Tree - His song resonated PEACE, PROSPERITY and FREEDOM through the jungle. His presence brings GOOD FORTUNE, LOYALY and PROTECTION. Composite Photograph by Matthew Nall (c) 2016

  • Kuka'emoku

    Kuka'emoku (Iao Needle) is a point of power within the ancient caldera of Halemahina (West Maui Mountains). Standing tall and strong among the eroding valleys and jungle, this Maui landmark symbolizes INNER STRENGTH, PERSEVERANCE, FAITH and HOPE. He calls to the ancestors, the elders of the past to guide us in RISING UP and STANDING AUTHENTICALLY in our PURPOSE.

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